HSS Teachers Need to Join Their District LCAP Planning Teams

03/13/2014 10:31 AM | James E. Hill

Why Get Involved with LCAP Meetings and Development?


1.  According to the new Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) passed into law last summer, LEAs are given historic flexibility to spend state resources (including Categorical funding streams) the way they think works best for their students and community needs.  However, the same LCFF law require districts to formulate -- with the input of the public and educational stakeholders -- "Local Control Accountability Plans" (LCAPs) detailing their priorities and how they will be spending these resources; these plans must be submitted to the state by July 1, so LEAs are busily holding public meetings and doing surveys to gather the input of stakeholders.


2.  LCAP will set the policy and budgetary goals of your district for the next several years; the State Board of Education has provided LEAs a general template for performance indicators to be included in their LCAPs, but most of the details will be left to individual districts.  This LCAP moment presents one of the best opportunities to insist that History/Social Science (or if you prefer to use a politically salient term used by politicians, "Civics") instruction and knowledge be included as something all schools should be held accountable for delivering to all K-12 students (at all grade levels).


3.  You can help coordinate the active participation of your instructor colleagues, parents and even local business owners in your community.  Inform them when your district will be holding public meetings to get LCAP input; eventually your school district board will have to vote upon the recommended LCAP, at which time this will be another opportunity to make our pitch for HSS education.


4.  Attached is a two-page document that several statewide stakeholder groups of considerable influence has endorsed, related to "Civics Education" (this terms is used broadly to incorporate all the four disciplines within Socials Studies, including History, Economics, Geography and Civics).  This document connects the dots between the State Board's template of LCAP criteria (such as successful implementation of Common Core) to HSS instruction, and therefore we recommend you print-out and use this as a leave-behind to your public presentations.


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